Good morning, good day & good evening to those who are reading!
wow. I think I must've had the craziest week of my life this week. How the heck I have squeezed 'full-time' education, two job interviews, a theory test, a dentist appointment, & a doctors appointment, as well as completing homework & 'extra studies' is a complete mystery to me. At some points it's as if time has frozen, & just let me do everything in the space of one small hour, & then jump off to another little thing that i've had to partake in.
Oh, and by the way- tesco have took me on too-- meaning that i'm officially a greedy beeyatch with two jobs. I need help on deciding which one to take! The interview was really horrible-- they were all young, and bitching about eachother-- AND ME. the bastards! :')
anyway- i'll write back soon as one JAMES PACK is making me update! :(
Goodbye for now. <3