maxi dresses.
i love them.

yes, this week, i've found a love for the in-style 'maxi dresses'.
I first saw them in all of the magazines that i read e.g Look, Heat and More, & thought that it was another fashion fad that only celebs were following, & by the looks of them, i thought that they'd be pretty expensive. truth is, i wasnt interested in this fad, and quickly turned the page to get rid of the hidiousity that i was faced with.
After booking next year's holiday for my 18th with my family, we took a trip to meadowhall, the best place on earth of course, & was given £40 to purchase some things that I could take with me.. in 5 months..
i spent my money wisely:
1 pair of jeans: £8!
1 blouse:          £2.
1 cardigan:       £9
1 belt:               £1
1 dress:             £10
i claimed that the jeans, blouse cardigan and belt could be travelled in, & the dress is good for night times..
I spotted my sister & mum trying on a few maxi dresses. they looked nice, & then i saw the sale and they seemed even nicer knowing that they were on sale from £30 to £5. ofcourse i had to have one.
so yes. i love it. it looks so good on!
i have a thing for almost see-through blouses too. :')

no, the job hunting isn't going too well. noone seems to want me! boo.

how fast have these holidays gone? Seems only a few days ago that i was so excited to break up for the summer. summer eh? i think that we've had about 4 whole days of sunshine without the rain spoiling it. & i've barely seen anyone. it sucks to be me right now.. i honestly cannot wait to get back to college, see my new timetable, make a few new friends hopefully, and just generally get back into a routine. im getting sick of sitting around in my pyjamas, watching the hills for hours on end. I sorted out my college things yesterday-- i have a new bag:

a bit chavvy, yes, but quite frankly- i dont care. It fits all of my books/folders in, with a pencil case, makeup bag, lunchbox & deodrant etc, & this year, i mean business. i've already started to revise my psychology from the past six weeks. sad? yet again, i dont care :')

Alex Pettyfer calls.
marry me?

listen to: kesha- take it off.
Awesome song.