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''Indian head massage?''

Posted by Jessica Starbuck on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, October 5, 2009

i LOVE October - already!
This month has actually began with a bang tbh, & i think im gonna like college if it's gonna carry on in this manner!
First of all, there was Goose Fair.
Goose Fair - for any odd people who don't know what this legendary event is - is a huuuge fair, on a huuuuge field, filled with huuuge rides and plenty of food stalls! Ran by gyppos, Goose Fair is an amazing atmosphere -- eventhough it's usually rampaged by teenagers. ;)
so yeah, me grace heather & ryan took a leisurely stroll down to see what was popping this year -- as last year, me & grace went alone. We pretty much ate our way around the fair, stopping for the odd ride and photo-op as we lauged about practically everything.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Then, friday night -- me heather & grace went to a
p a r t y !!
i must say, it was a pretty AMAZING party tbh! ;)
Those two weren't meant to be going, buttttt (here we go), Tom & Jack from sociology invited me to their friend, Joe, 's party.. & asif i was gonna go alone! So i took my moose's along with me.
i spent all night on the grass getting off with Mr.Jack. ♥
WELL- It was goodtimes, all weekend, (we spent the entire weekend texxtinngg), then thismorning, i walked into sociology to find the usual smile that i usually am greeted with to be missing.. Turns out that he doesnt even look up :|  so i sit down and after about 10minss, i decide that i wasnt having this! So i say 'hi', and he's as niceas pie..
Dinner time comes, and he comes over & we're talking as normal, then a bunch of complete bimbos come over, and he TURNS AWAY FROM ME AND WALKS OFF WITH THEM. Without even a single word to me. gutted.

Oh well. :(
So sunday night, me & my girlies went on a bikeride to Mill Lakes, & it was possibly the best Sunday of the year! The weather was beaut,& it was a complete photo-op!


mmhmm, i think i';m gonna go & have another sulk now though!
Reply soon.

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