so i finally get my laptop, go to put on the pictures to review all my new makeup and realise that my memory card doesn't fit in the slot.. so i go and get an adaptor- that doesn't fit in. then i try to find my lead, and it's gone. so just to let you all know, i have purchased a new lead and i will get the pictures up the second it arrives. the reviews are written, but they won't make sense without the images, soooo i guess im gonna have to make you wait a couple of days longer. im sorry!

not much else to tell you really. i've realised that since i've started working practically full-time, i've became so boring. literally, in my spare time, i catch up on soaps/series i've missed, wear my pyjamas, and eat takeaways. i feel like im going through my mid life crisis.. i did go out for a 'few drinks' with the crew from work... a 'few' to me means we won't predrink, but we'll have double the tequilla slammers and drink triples instead of doubles to get drunk.. pointless. it was very messy and i ended up stumbling into bed gone 4am to a very mad lukey (who i had promised id be home at 1am at the latest.. oops). Saturday, i was absolutely dying.. literally. i couldn't move. i finally got my head out of my pillow when i remembered that i had to cash my cheque that mr. tax man finally gave me and the bank closed at 1, so i forced a myself up and trapsed to the bank. i had to get luke to drive cos i knew i was in that stage where you're still a bit drunk but getting more and more hungover by the second.. ew. anyway, long and short of it, i stayed in my pyjamas with my quilt on the sofa watching films all day, finishing it off with a delicious dominos pizza. omnom.

anyway, i need a cuppa and some chocolate. diet begins tomorrow.
lots of love xox