Oh dear. i cant say it's been an overall good week tbh.
We finally went back to college this week. On arrival, we all expected a brand new timetable, fresh start. Sit down- BOOM! Same timetable. Instant sadness.. bearing in mind that this is a tuesday, this means that not only have i gotten up and came in early, anticipating the new timetable, but i now have to sit around for 2 hours until my first lesson.. Oh the joys. In the afternoon, Me, Matt, Rachel and Joe decided to jump on the link bus to Notts for a quick mcdonalds. yum! ;] cant beat a good mcdonalds to pick you up, lets be honest! okay, so then I decided on going back to matt's for the night (after a bit of convincing on his part- as his twin's girlfriend was round too..) great.
Que Matt, Dan and his dad to sing karaoke infront  me. Little embarassing? Yes- definitely!!
okay, im gonna pop off, Corronation Street's on!
loves' xox.

Listen to Katy Perry ft Snoop Dog- California Gurls. Definite song of the summer!