I am well & trully knackered.
Being back at college has worn me out already- three days & already, the work is piling up high. :'(
-let's just say, Year 13 isn't living up to any of my expectations. College is completely packed solid, & it's such hard work to even arrive to my lessons, what with being squashed into what seems like a pack of sardines on the journey to & from college. Yawn. & as for my actual lessons-- i hate Sociology. My class are horrible! chavs, chavs, bitches, hoes and f#cking chavs! :( Psychology is the only one that i'm actually remotely enjoying. great.

On a much lighter note- I think i'm actually stull hungover from this weekend...

Caroline's 18th.
Gotta hand it to the girl- she invited the right people. There was only one person that didn't come dressed up- but everyone looks absolutely fabulous. The adults actually looked better than the 'kids'. Kids? I don't really know what to call us, cos we aren't exactly kids, but we sure as hell arent adults yet, are we? Teens? But then we still sound like kids. This is a topic that can be returned to as I'm far too tired & would really like to sleep this headache off. Kids don't do that.. :')

oh. oh.
Hello Asda worker ;)

--there's not much chance of me passing, so i'm not gonna get my hopes up.