Stress. Everything = stress.
You know when you have those days when nothing goes right? Well I'm having a whole months worth of them it seems.

Two days ago, we broke up for study leave. Study leave! already! It's crazy how fast my life's going. You know sometimes and you just wish for everything to slow down? I know that I certainly do. So, for the next month, I'm pretty much housebound in order to cram as much revision in as possible.
Byebye Matty!
Whoever made up exams were seriously crazy in the head. Infact, whoever suggested that psychology and sociology were compatible together without them both getting wrapped around your head were even crazier. Oh- and who decided to make up hundreds of different terms just to describe the English Language? Why is it necessary to know why gender is important in technology? Truth is-
its not!
Then there's college:
GOD, i am so happy to have the next month off and not even have to put up with some bitch.
3 letters: c. b and a.

Urgh- i just have so much going on at the minute.
Life's crazy, it sure is!
hohumpigsbum- i think i'll leave it here for this post.

Mattheeew- i love you.