it's friday, friday, gotta get down on fridaaaay.

hello lovely boys and girls.
seeing as i've done my post of the day for today and i'm sat here doing nothing, i figured i'd actually 'blog' today and bore you with whatever is on my mind as of right now. 
i must say, i need to upload and show you all of the things that i've purchased over the last month, cos i really have got some beautiful things. i've also had a few new bits of makeup which i also need to review and i've got tomorrow and sunday off work, so hopefully i'll be able to show you them over the weekend. 
anyway, right now i'm a little pissed off. I finished work around an hour earlier than luke today, and we had planned to go see his family and then go get food-- but instead, he's just gone to see them without me- meaning im sat here, ready to go out, and i've just been dropped.. usually i wouldn't care in the slightest, but a text to let me know that we're just gona go out for dinner later and to hold fire would have been nice! tell me i'm not being mardy, right? 
so now, i've said i don't want to go out for dinner. what's that phrase? cutting your nose off to spite your face? well i think i've just done that.. i'm so unbelievably stubborn and i can't stand it when things don't go my way. i wish i could change myself, but  i can't and my whole family are exactly the same. damn. rant over.
 there's not much to tell you if i'm honest.. i'm meeting a friend for catch-up drinks tomorrow evening so i guess i'll report back then, but right now, im gonna go put my onesie on and get a good film on.
thanks for reading! xxxxx