as you might know if you have me on facebook/ instagram, Ive been so busy this last two weeks.. I've been to Sheffield with my mum and sister, Luke has taken me on a surprise trip to Birmingham, I went to the seaside with my family and then have generally been here, there and everywhere.. and that's not even including work. So I haven't had a chance to get my sister's laptop (yes mine is still broke) and let you see a few things i've bought. so here it goes! 

this dress caught my eye when I was cutting through Primark some time last week.. This was a dangerous call, because as you will see soon, this is what made me spend £40, because once I start, I just can't stop! hehe. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was 'me'. As you should all know, I'm soooo into lace and floaty materials-- so this dress was right up my street. It looks, in my opinion, so feminine and doesn't look like it would only cost £10, especially when I teamed it with a black blazer, tights and some black heels. What I also liked about this is the fact that you get a vest with it to go underneath, as otherwise it's completely see-through.. but I've found that in the past, dresses just do not come with underlayers, and you can never find something to go underneath them; e.g. they are always the wrong colour or length.. 

Next to the dress I just spoke about above was this lovely purple-grey, lace skater skirt, £7. I'm not usually a fan of these on myself as I have big hips and they are sooo not flattering on my figure, but i love to see them on other girls, but I loved the colour and the pattern so I figured I would give it a go. I teamed it with a black and white striped top and threw my blazer over the top and everyone complimented me on how nice i looked, but like i said, it didn't flatter my hips one bit, so i would probably never wear it without a jacket/cardigan, but i still love it! 

I picked up this dress when I was in Meadowhall, again from Primark, for £13. I needed a few casual dresses that I can throw on to go shopping/ out for lunch and this just seemed perfect! it looks so cute underneath a chunky knit with some brogues and i'm so excited to wear this over the next coming months. 

I saw this top in Republic and couldn't decide on whether i wanted it at first, but i figured 'what the hell' and got it anyway, and im really glad that i did. For some reason, i had a niggling feeling to get a bigger size than i usually would, and i'm happy i did seeing as it's still a little snug.. I can't remember how much exactly it was, but from republic, it's not gonna be expensive really is it? I love the pattern on it- im not usually a fan of skulls, but i think this is really in at the moment so figured i'd give it a go. it looks good with everything! such a versatile colour.. 

okay, so this is the maxi skirt i got from a small boutique near where i live, which was £10.  I've been looking for a maxi this colour for a long while now, and whenever i've found one, they have been like £40 and i'm not really willing to spend that on a skirt that i know i won't get much use out of. 
to the right of it is my new dressing gown what lukey got me. it's soooo comfy and as you all know, im obsessed with leopard print.. it's the perfect dressing gown. <3

as i've just said, leopard print is my favourite thing ever, so when I saw these two pairs of shoes, I needed them. I am yet to wear the heels as I've not been out this week surprisingly, but the flats are so comfy! 

as for makeup- i have purchased a fair few bits but I had these two at the side of me this morning, so figured i'd show you how they work,,

First of all- Look Beauty's BB cream..

  I've had their foundation before, and I really did rave about it. It has such a good coverage and glides on so nicely. When i saw that they had a BB cream out and it was half price, i figured it couldn't be bad, so i gave it a try.

This is before and after: 

 Before; i have a really uneven complexion, with a lot of red patches on my face, so i always look for a high coverage foundation.. 
after; as you can see, it definitely covered a lot of my flaws.. to say that this is only a BB cream and not a foundation, you have to admit that it's pretty darn good.. I've tried a few others, and I wasn't all that impressed, so this is definitely the best one i have tried yet! It definitely brightens up my skin 100%.

I also kept seeing this mascara being advertised, and since I am forever being complimented on my eyes, and being told that they are my best feature, i was eager to try it. 

It is the new Max Factor Eye Brightening mascara.. obviously I got the one for blue eyes..
first thoughts when i bought this were 'how can this really work?' and I am sort of still left wondering this.. Here is a before and after: 

 As you can see- it is clear that it definitely lengthens and defines your eyelashes, but I am not convinced that it made me eyes 'pop' as such.. I am definitely impressed with how it makes my eyelashes look though, and I will continue using it as a base to get my lashes long, but then i will probably use a normal mascara to give it a little more oopmh. anyway, the colour of this mascara is a glistening blue colour with glittery pigments trapped inside, which sound nice, and are more flattering to blue eyes than the original black mascara. meh, like i said, i will definitely keep using this as a normal mascara, but it did nothing in my opinion to make my eyes any brighter, 

have you guys tried either of these? what do you think of the clothes i've bought?
loveloveee oxoxo