I'm sorry if I seem a little bland of late. I have quite a few things going off in my life that need sorting before I can fully concentrate. It's so hard typing and being in a quiet environment because I just have so many things going around in my head right now. 

Today, I am starting my diet. I've hit a rocky patch in my relationship, and certain things have happened that I will surely bring up when everything has died down a little, but right now I'm feeling that I need to get back to my old self. I need to show some people who I really am, and not have them thinking that they're better than what I am. I also need certain people to realise how lucky they are. This will make no sense to you unless you're one of my closest friends, but right now- I can't even bare to talk about it. </3 that's my broken heart :( 

this was me the other night. I think my hair and lipstick looks lovely, but for some reason, some bitches decided to make me feel inferior, and ruined my night- no they ruined my week. Homewreckers, eh? 

okay, i'm going for a nap now- been awake all night. xxx