Hello girlies! 
I like to do this at the end of the month, not only to show you all what I've been up to. but to remind me of all the wonderful things I've done in the past 4 weeks! I've taken the majority of these off Instagram, so send me a link to yours by email (which you can find in the 'contact me' page), and I'd love to follow you all back! xxx

1.a cheeky selfie.  2.Cath Kidston- inspired nails by myself.  3.my smokey eyes before my work's do.  4.how well the night started off.  5+6..how bad the night ended. sick jessiee.  7.a reminder of how well the night started! how did it all go so badly?!  8.trainers. i literally never wear trainers!  9.velvet manicure that i gave myself.  10.my new extensions.  11.my new dress!  12.funeral.  13.hard working, of course.  14.me and my mother on the train to London.  15.just popping to Hogwarts.  16.my cute new fury head piece.  17.looking all cosy in London.  18.my first attempt at an omelette.  19.matching phone cases from poundland.  20.casually cut myself a fringe in..  21.trying to get used to my fringe!  22.cuppa and a cereal bar, dietsux.  23.cosy in bed!  24.snowy walk with my boyfriend.  25.and my sister.  26.hairdressing in my spare time.  27.my cute room.  28.bedtime reading.  29.trying my fringe with long hair.  30.promoting my blog.  31.cheeky Kopparberg with my dad.  32.just ombre-d my hair.  33.didn't want to get up!  34.my new Harry Potter keyring.  35.blogging and drinking tea. how English of me.  36.my dogley.  37.me and my beaut in Turkey last year.  38.my sister decided to bombard my bed.  39.maisie wrapped the dog up cos he looked 'chilly'..  40.the state of my wardrobe. so many clothes!  41.new makeup, yay.  42.cute outfit.  43.new bedding!  44.how i intended on spending my night, although it did end in me doing my cousin's hair for her..  45.me and lukey in bed.  46.new blog style!  47.pampering sunday!  48.face mask woo.  49.relaxing barrrth.  50.my first topshop lippy!  51. Wonka Nerds make me extremely happy!  52.going out for my sister's birthday.  53.my two bestfriends.  54.sisters/bestfriends.  55.bestbuds.  56.trying to convince myself that i like my hair.. not working..  57.new pyjamas.  58.ice cream sundae.  59.hehe, just a cheeky selfie or four today!  60.wrapped up warm to go shopping today! 

so there we have it. xxoxoxox