1.A poserific photo of myself in Luke's bedroom. Was feeling creative!   2.Out for a majorly early Christmas meal, won a moustache from the cracker.  3.  Something I saw on a friends' instagram that reminded me of myself haha.   4.My amazing floor-length poncho. warmest. thing. ever!    5.My first go at sparkley nails in forever!   6.Took this whilst having a coffee with my sister cos i quite liked my hair that day..  7. Onesie night with my little sis.  8. Cranberry and orange muffin from work, yum!  9.Me & mr. lukey at Rizzle Kicks.  10. Poncho night by myself. wine and chocolate.  11. Worked late and came home to dinner & wine on the table. :)  12. First try at fairisle nails-- didn't go too well!  13. Our beautiful (but a little too big) Christmas tree. aww.  14. Spent the day with my dad & he bought me a hot chocolate cos I was literally almost dying from the cold!  15. mumma bought me some ear muffs.  16. Liked my hair cos it looked like Cheryl Cole's haha.   17.Girly night with my sister and adopted sister..  18.The cocacola lorry! #HOLIDAYSARECOMING   19.My festive nails from yesterday- didn't actually like them so i changed them to   20.Little Santa nails. I also have Santa hats and his coat & belt on my nails too. Totally cute!   21.Today's look- went out with the girls but fancied a little play around on a new app i got. 

so there you have it! a month of photographs. xxx