Oh guys, I really am sorry for the lack of blogging in the last couple of weeks, but as explained in my last post, (which was stupidly pathetic),it was my mum and sister's birthday at the very beginning of the month, and then I was working as hard as I could before I left for holiday, and I was trying to pack, see everyone, get everything sorted etc. And then of course it was my birthday- (yep, no longer a teenager!) and then I returned from holiday and was straight back into work. Boring, boring. 

ANYWAY. I won't blabber on about my holiday much, because not only will it bore you to tears, but it will make me sad that I'm back here in this crappy country, so I'll just tell you that it was super-nice, so relaxing and entirely beautiful. The weather was wonderful considering it was February and it was snowing back here, and the hotel itself was utterly gorgeous. I went to Fuerteventura for those of you who don't follow my Instagram/Facebook, and we stayed in a little place called Caletta de Fuss(or fust- I can't remember) and I would definitely recommend it to people who just want a chilled out holiday. Not only did I spend my birthday out there, (which was a lovely day- I got completely spoilt and waited on all day..), but I spent Valentines out there too, and my boyfriend bought me a few things and some rose petals, which was really cute. I'll post a few of my pictures below, and you'll get the gist of what I mean about it being beautiful. xox

*mind my double chins on the most of these! I think I had a few too many cakes and cocktails, but that's what holidays are for, right?! haha!*
In fact, that brings me to my next thing-- I JOINED A GYM! This is a big step for me. I never ever join anything, because I have a terrible habit of dropping out of things quite quickly, but I really am gonna try to stick to this one! I'm gonna be honest, I probably won't use the gym all that much- I tried it once and didn't particularly enjoy it, but I know I will definitely use the swimming and classes, so it's not all a loss! 

Another thing that I wanted to mention was that I've been thinking so much about 'life' in the last week. I don't know if it's because I'm getting sick of being told what to do all the time, or it's the whole turning 20 thing, or whether I'm just comfortable in my relationship and think it's time to move to a new level, but my best friend just got a massive job in London, flying cabin crew with British Airways and I'm so proud of her, but this means she will be moving out and moving all the way to the big city and I think it's got me thinking about what I need to do.. Me and Luke also went to Ikea today just on a whim, and it just got me thinking about everything that I'll need for a house etc, and it's made me want a house of my own. Obviously it's too soon, but it's still got the ball rolling in my head. So now, I'm looking for a new job- a full time one with decent pay. I've decided to save up and start buying things for a flat and that is my goal for the next year.

okay, I've blabbed on for a while now- I do have a few reviews that I want to do for you all, and I'd like to show you what I bought and received on holiday, so that'll be a few more posts in the next week. 
Hope you're all enjoying you're weekend, xxxx