Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hello Sun!!
Oh my godddd, i just had the strangest feeling ever. -- You seeee, i thought, for a split second, that i was on holiday (somewhere hothothot!), and was getting ready for breakfast!
My foundation smells beaut. Just like sun tan lotion. Yummm. ;) & the sun is shining.
i love it.

Happy Easter btw guys.
You know what that means? Eggs eggs egggssss!! BOOYAAH.
It's 08:36am, and i haven't even ate any chocolate what so ever yet. Makes a change tbh- i remember back in the day, when you didnt used to eat anything but chocolate for the entire 24 hours. Bliss. I wish i was still at that age. :( Seventeen isn't all it's cracked out to be if i'm completely honest.. Work, college, college work, more work, more college, bitchy friends, hell of alot of pressure, drivingggg. Seriously, i really cannot be doing with any of it anymore tbh. :( it's pretty sad.
Roll on summer i  say!
mm, sun- how i do love you. Please, marry me?

So, i've begun my driving lessons.. My instructor, Michelle, is pretty nice.. She looks & speaks just like Cheryl Cole. Maybe it's her, just working up some extra dosh. Who knows.. But yeah, it's harder than i thought. I just cannot concentrate on so many things at once! :( Hopefully i'll pick it up soon. I really do hope so. I'm gonna be 40 and still taking lessons.. I stalled like 10 times last week! How on earth can that be possible!! You're meant to learn from your mistakes, not proceed in making them! Hey ho- i'll try my best- i promise!

I really do love College holidays tbh.. I have done something every single day this week. It's been pretty glorious!

aah crap- late for work.
Gotta runnnnn.