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All grown up?

Posted by Jessica Starbuck on Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Friday, June 19, 2009

I know that i haven't written for a while; but recently, i have been amazingly busy with work & school that i haven't even had the time to get 'round to updating this! Not good.
Anyway; this morning was my final GCSE exam -- ever! Meaning that i have officially LEFT TopValley School! Honestly, i walked past my primary school this morning & was thinking about how much i have grown & matured since i attended Westglade. It's craaaazy! This time 5 years ago, i used to sit and eat my sandwiches on the field, playing tag and skipping with ropes. I used to play the game where you shoot basketballs into a honey comb bee contraption! We used to be piggy backed around the playground by a dinnerlady!! Those were the good old days! So yeah, i suppose that now i've left school, i'd better start growing up a little! i have my college induction days in 2 weeks, & that is when im gonna be considered as grown up, & mature i suppose. Great.
Everything's going pretty well with life atm to be honest. Im just taking every day as it comes, and not doing anything to give myself regrets anymore. All my exams are over for another year/2years, so i'm in a pretty good position right now. 
Ready for a 'summer fling' i reckon!
Hmm. This post's gonna be pretty short, cos i don't really have much to discuss at the minute. i don't have any issues ha. School's out of the way now, eventhough i have to go back in next Thursday all day, for dance - (Miss Walden's making us participate in the Summer dance show. i have to say though, the dance that we have choreographed is pretty darn awesome!) - Then i have work tonight, 4-7.30 and tomorrow 7.45-3.30, then i'm going to Lisa's birthday BBQ, then staying over at Grace's. Then Sunday i have work at 9.30-4.30. Monday im shopping with the girlies to get our danceshow costumes :) Tuesday i actually do not have anything planned so far, then wednesday, we're having a spraaaay tan! i hope that i dont come out looking like a cheesy puff! & then thursday, i am at dance all day, as has just been explained - then Friday is PROOOOM!! Wooo!! So i shall be getting ready all day! Errrrm, AND THEENNN; The week after that, im working Saturday 10.30-5.30, & sunday 9.30-4.30, then Monday&tuesday are my college induction days, & the tuesday is also the dance show :) :) THEEENNNN, on that friday, im going to skegness for the weekend, and coming back on sunday night, & THEN the following week after that, im doing my lifeguard training ALL WEEK!!
Busy Busy Busy!!

Okay; it's time for work sometime soon!