Sunday, May 10, 2009

Okay, so you know when someone you know walks past like "y'alright?", do you say "Hello" back, or do you say "Yes thanks+you?". i ALWAYS say "Hiiii" in this stupid tone, and then they just look back at me as if to say WTF? So i just thought that i'd ask ha.
Friday night, me & a few friends stayed over at another friends house, and it was actually quite amazing. Now, i regret going to be honest! i can't tell you actually how tired i am right now - & im about to go to bed, so im gonna make this post kinda short. Okay, so i got there at about 7-ish, and as soon as i walked through the door - (Which was infested with matching white plimsols which made me LOL) - i was handed a drink of WKD or summin' like that. In the space of an hour, i reckon i'd drank about 7 full glasses of alcopop, and then we'd moved on to cider. Funny stuff. By this time, the birthday girl was hammered!! it was hilarious. She must've fell over about 50 times, if not more - each time going with such a bang! Then, after a couple of hours, we had pizza & chips, which was lovely jubly, but then the birthday girl ran off & insisted on running around the streets of Bulwell. Okay, so if we were elsewhere, maybe i'd of agreed with her & gone with her, but in Bulwell, unless you have a deathwish, there was NO CHANCE that i was running around Bulwell!! Hahaha. Anyhoo, the night was amazing, even though we didnt go to sleep until 4am, & i had to be up again at 8 so that i could get a shower & stuffs for work.
Talk tomorrow? Cos im bloody nackeredddddd!