Hey! hope you all had an amazing Christmas & that the lovely Santa treated you well! Can you believe that it's all over & done with? already! Au revoir Noël, see you next year!
I've gotta say, Christmas 2010 was NOT how i had pictured it to be all year. I was so sure that I'd still be with my boyfriend, be happy, go to parties, drink-a lot. Instead, I was lonely, single and very, very poorly with chronic toothache. Get this-- I ended up having root canal treatment ON CHRISTMAS DAY! ouch, right? I couldn't even finish my Christmas dinner- the dinner that I wait 365 days for each year. Truly awful. </3 
Also, I don't want to sound ungrateful, but I was pretty disappointed in Santa. :( he brought my sister a laptop, and i mainly got things for my car, makeup and smellies. okayokay, so I had my bedroom decorated a few months back, but really? I asked for one CD and I didn't get that. I asked for tickets to see The Script and didn't get those. And i know that it's not about the presents, it's about family, and love, but when my sister has a laptop to play with, my dad an ipod and my mum a phone, and i'm sat there with my 'Harrods Make Your Own Makeup Bag', i can't help but see the favouritism from Santa. 

 I've started revising! it's a month until my two exams, so i've figured that i need to get my arse into gear.. I mean, i'm never gonna get into uni if i don't put in the effort really, am i? 

psht. New Year. It's gonna be a goddamnn messy one! Miss Katy Lamin is the host. and i have the choice of two lovely lads to pull.. I reckon it's gonna be a spontaneous drunken choice. aaah, im so excited! :D

heyho- work calls! -ps. im lovin' it! 
loveloveloves xxxxxxxxxx