Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ooh, i say! Hello ;) Long time no see..
Wow. I guess that you;re missing out on the glorious lifestory of miss Jessica Starbuck, eh?

Guesssssss whattttt?
Im no longer single.
Yup, you heard right.. As much as I rant & rave about my hatred to all couples, and how public affection and loveydoveyshizz sickens me.. I've decided that it's time i had a crack at another relationship.
You'll be proud. I didnt rush straight into this one.. I took my time to get to know him, and he's the best. How the hell he puts up with me though, i'll never know! Poor lad :')
i love him.

K -- In other news, i am officially 17!
S E V E N I N E !
Oh, how the time passes from when i used to bounce on my mini red & yellow trampoline, with the handle, all summer long. Gone are the times when me & rachey used to sit on blankets in the front garden, colouring.. When me & Hayleigh used to take our weekly trip to Rainbows, Mcdonalds, then bed.. Tradition. The days when we didnt have a care in the world, just went with the flow. i miss it.
My seventeenth was.. eventful.. to say the least.
Pancakes + oven + wine&beer = not a smart combo tbh.
although, on the plus side.. i didnt set the kitchen on fire & burn the house down!

Also, i have attended my monthly craaaazy party for February.
Michelle's party was completely, utterly, immense!

Yeah-- i know, it looks like a scene outa skins!

k. It's been a long week. I need some sleep.
i promise to write back soon.

Listen to:
Justin Bieber - Baby.
Avril Lavigne - Alice.
Pixie Lott - Gravity.