Hello everybody! 
I've still not come across my camera lead, and I have a feeling I've lost it whilst being in London, so I've just ordered a new one. I'll do the post on London as soon as it comes!
Anyway, yesterday my little sister wanted to go to Home Bargains. I'm not sure why, but we really do love going there and seeing what crap we can get! Then we popped into Poundland-- so I just thought I'd share a few bits that we got with you! 

Everyone knows I love anything floral, so when I saw these, I was so happy! Firsty, on the left are two phone cases.. These are the best things I've ever bought. ever. They were from poundland! I can't believe it. £1 for those! My little sis decided to get one too, so we're sadly matching, but heyho, they are so cute!! And then on the right is a makeup back that I picked up in Home Bargains for 99p I think! I was looking for a smaller makeup bag to carry my essentials around with me and this is just perfect!