This is obviously gonna be a long post seeing as i have 5 days that i've missed from the 30 day challenge! haha.

 anywho, sorry i've not posted-- i've been super busy. On wednesday, me Mayz and Luke went to see Ed Sheeran perform at the Capital FM arena. I've gotta say it was absolutely spectacular, he's such a natural talent! His freestyling skills are somewhat amazing, and his voice when he sings is awesome. I've always liked him, but not like a crazy-wierd fan, although after his performance the other night, I'm even more of a fan. I have to admit, i got his album when it first came out, but only listened to it once and didn't think a lot of it, but after hearing it live, i've re-listened to it and i really like it now. ha ha. 
then, on the thursday, I had the day off, but went to meet my friend who i've not seen in a while and did the majority of my christmas shopping, thank god. I had a lovely day with Elise. I've definitely kept to my promise about seeing friends more. In the evening, I went with Luke, his brother and brother's girlfriend for a meal for one of their close friends' birthday. It was actually really nice, just the 5 of us (usually when they get together there is like 30 of them). I definitely had a lovely night. Then friday night, my friend from work had a halloween party. It was fancy dress, of course, and it was epic. I'll upload a couple of pictures underneath to show you a few costumes (I was a freaky doll). We all had such a laugh and it was just a lovely party. Then last night, I went to a Bonfire party, complete with mushy peas, hot dogs and lots of wine. Again, it was a lovely night-- just a shame that i've had to work inbetween all of the days! haha. 


everyone looked so good!! xxx

right, here we go! 

Day 24- a letter to your parents;

to mummy and daddy.
i love you.
love your favourite daughter, jess. xxx

haha that's not actually what i would write- obviously. i would tell them just how much i love them, and just how much they mean to me. I would also tell them how lucky i am to have such great parents. I don't think i know anyone who's mum and dad does so much for them-- i've visited so many places, travelled the world, i never missed out on anything at school, whenever i've wanted something, i've always had it. Christmas used to be like a free-for-all in Toys-r-us. Literally, they do so much for me and my sister. I mean, how many other people do you know who have been driving for almost 2 years, has had 3 cars, barely pay any of their own insurance and never paid for one driving lesson? none. I am totally spoilt. my family are the best. xxx

day 25- what would i find in your bag?
i've always wanted to do a vlog about what you would find in my bag... this will have to do! Seeing as my bag is next to me, i will tell you what is in there.
I always carry my purse around, but it literally never ever has any cash in it. I also always have my flowery, two-way makeup bag with me. It has two seperate halves, which i seperate into beauty and medical. Basically, in the medical, I have my inhaler, pain killers, antibiotics that i'm on for my chest, indigestion tablets, that kind of thing.. In the beauty, there is always an eyeliner, mascara, blusher, face powder, a number on lipsticks, a lip balm and usually hair grips, bobbles etc. I always have like 3 marker pens in the bottom of my bag, for work. and usually a normal pen. sometimes i have my gloves and scarf and a cardi, especially if i've been on an early at work. erm, there's always random paper/leaflets in there for example, i have a Boots christmas catalogue and a Beefeater rewards card in there right now. I also have an in-car charger, my uni card for work, some rings, some leopard print face wipes and some loose change. my bag is one of those bags where someone will say they need something, and i can usually just whip it out. :)

day 26- what you think about your friends.
I use the term 'friends' very lightly. I don't have that many friends. like real friends. i have a lot of people who i talk to, and can go out with etc, but i always think that to be a friend, you have to see them regularly and be able to trust them etc. I used to have a lot of friends, but to be quite fair, when you get to my age, you sort of get to that point where we all have full-time jobs, boyfriends etc and no time to spare most of the time. I stay in touch with them all at least once a week, and i do see my best friend roughly around once a week thank god.. but still-- i don't know. anyway, this has gone off topic. I love my friends. sometimes i do get a little confused with them and don't know where i'm stood, but that usually gets back on track pretty quickly. but yeah, i do love them. 

day 27- why are you doing this 30 day challenge?
basically, i don't think that i say much about my life in this way.. I don't tell you what music i like, or what films i enjoy watching. I seem to tell you about what i get up to on a day to day basis etc, so i literally did this so that all you guys can get to know me a little bit better. I hope you've all enjoyed it. 

day 28- A picture of you last year and now. how have you have changed since then?

the photo on the left is from July 2011 and the photo on the right was from Wednesday. 
Physically, i've only changed via the way that i do my makeup and dress in my opinion. I used to wear extensions back then, but they were half the length of what i wear now. I've also let my natural hair grow back through, and as you can see, it was a lot darker back then. Aswel, my skin was a hell of a lot more pale and i don't think i was into fake tan half as much as i am now- although i have stopped using it for winter this year. A few other things, like i would never have dreamed of wearing a strong lip colour such as the bright red that i wore on wednesday, or i wore a bright pink on thursday which looked really nice too. I have become a lot more confident about my looks and hair around the last year. Last year, i wouldn't have ever wore my hair straight back like i do now (i'll post a picture below) or have 'cheryl cole hair' (also post below), but i've started to experiment with my hair and makeup more now and i think it pays off most of the time. 
my dress sense has definitely changed too-- i'm willing to wear more 'out there' things of late. A year ago i wouldn't have tried to wear disco pants, or sheer blouses, but they are my favourite items. I would never have wore anything leopard print, but now most of my wardrobe consists of that. i just love my new dress sense, it's so pretty. haha. 
so yeah, what do you think?! xxx

hair up. 'cheryl' hair. 
what do you think of these looks?
lots of love xxxxx