for god's sake. will someone please just take my bank card off me?! ugh, i just spent another £60 in Matalan? Matalan, of all places. whuuuuuut. i mean, i do love the stuff i got, but really, did i need it?! 

how beautiful is this bag?! it caught my eye as soon as i entered the shop and i knew i just had to have it. wow. the lighting doesn't really show the colour, cos it looks more pink in this picture but it's more nude than pink- like a peachy-nude i guess. the gold studs are way on-trend and i literally have an entire wardrobe full of clothes that match this colour, so i know i'm gonna use it loads. and, if all this isn't good enough- it was only £16! bar-gain! lovelovelove this bag.

i also got this shirt, although i'm not sure if i want to keep it. It was also £16 i think, but i can't make my mind up whether or not i like it. i also got some disco pants from an online shop, so i just tried it on with that and an ill-fitting top underneath which made it look awful-- even though i bought it a size too big so it would be baggy, it's just not doing it for me today, so i need to try it on with something more stylish and get back to you on this! 

this isn't a great picture of the top, but it's basically a floaty black short vest, I'm not usually a fan of short tops cos they cut me off and don't exactly flatter me, but i like the thought of wearing this with skirts/high waisted things cos i can never find the right top to tuck in and it always seems to look a little weird on me. anyway, i really like this top and can't wait to try it on with something! 

i got these from tesco the other day, so i thought i'd add them onto here to show you too. Aren't they super cute?! very alice in wonderland-esque. they do give me blisters at the minute though, so i'm gonna have to wear them in a little more. ouch! 

I got these at Matalan today too. I've got a thing for feathers- i think they add such a feminine touch to everything and look really cute at any time of the day. Bang on the boho vibe. I've left the prices on cos i couldn't believe it-- when i first saw them a couple of months back, i was like 'mm, im not gonna pay like £7-£10 for these, that's a rip off', so when i saw them today, i literally was so excited. i'm so sad. :) but yeah, will definitely be wearing them next time i'm off work! 

and i just thought i'd add that i've also bought a burgundy blazer and some black chelsea boots, but i haven't got round to taking pictures of them yet- although i think they look so good together. Actually, i wore it out lastnight when i went out with a friend from college for some cocktails, so i'll upload a couple of pictures and you'll see what i mean. 

 ignore my face, i look a mess.

'til next time! xxx