okay, so i currently have a total obsession with these lipsticks! They are called Collection 2000 lasting colour and they come in about 10 different shades and can be purchased from any local drug stores for around £3. They are so cheap in comparison to other lippys that are the same standard. I think i first tried one of these in Queen of Hearts because I got it free when I bought something else- probably a mascara. Now, i've gotta warn you, the shade looks so dark and vampiresque (which is what my sister usually wears) and i had never tried it on myself, but i had every intention to give it away to my sissy.. that was until i tried it. It comes out in the nicest shade of red I have ever come across. I'm always a little wary about red lipsticks when i go out because i find that they usually come off or smear around your face, but i haven't had a single thing wrong with this one. Every time i wear it, i get a heap of compliments from everyone. Another thing that i absolutely love about it is that it literally lasts all day, and there is no need for a top up. I've found that this is only the case with the red colour, as the pink ones don't last half as long, but yeah, the red is a bogger to get off! ha ha. I also have two pink shades, and a deep pink (not one that i would probably wear). I really love the two pinks (i think they are called 'sweet tart' and 'pink shock'.) 'sweet tart' is a medium pink, quite bright, but not too much for the daytime. I find that it makes me look pretty, rather than sexy. The 'pink shock' is a light, very bright pink that draws attention to the lips very quickly, so you could only wear with a bare eye i guess. I really love them because they really do brighten up your face-- e.g. i woke up late for work last week and put on only tinted moisturiser, one layer of mascara and nothing else. i spent the entire day feeling so conscious about my face and then being asked if i was 'ill'-- but then i remembered i had the 'sweet tart' in my car, so i put it on after work before i popped into tesco, and i had people telling me how gorgeous and glam i looked. I was so impressed with how a lippy can make your face look presentable hahaha. 

so yeah, i would definitely recommend these to anyone who loves a good lipstick. 
i hope you enjoy these as much as i do! xxx