Okay, I realise that we're mid-way through the first month of the year already and man is it going fast (!!), but I have finally made my New Years resolutions! I don't know why it's taken me so long-- maybe because I like to set myself goals so that I feel good when I actually achieve them or maybe it's just because I'm so bloody indecisive! Anyway, I just thought I'd take a moment to share them with you! 

Eat more healthy things.
Okay, so I know it sounds easy, but I have no will power. None. This time last year, I told myself that I was going to lose some weight ready for holiday, and two months down the line, I had lost just over a stone. Of course, with the summer being one to remember, the weight slowly crept back on, and now I'm setting myself the same goal. I want to lose a stone by summer, which is totally, completely possible! Not just this, but for the back half of this year, I've felt so sluggish, so medically problematic and so unconfident in myself. I was literally just eating crappy foods and taking in no nutrients and no exercise. So this isn't just to lose weight, but to make myself a better person from the inside out.. :)

Drink more water.
I literally never drink water. We always have pop at home, we always have done.. And if I'm out, I'd rather have a Pepsi than a glass of water or fruit juice. I work at Starbucks, and drinking water when you get free drinks just seemed ridiculous when I first begun working there, until I realised the affect that it was having on my body! So that's it, I'm going to drink more water. Not just for my weight, but I find myself having medical problems from barely drinking anything, and it will make my skin, hair and nails a lot more healthy, too! Healthy, radiant Jessie? yes please. 

Be more organised and less clumsy.
I am the friend that you are always waiting for. I am late for everything. I forget everything. I spill things, bring dirty uniform instead of clean to work, forget when I'm meant to be doing things and just do everything wrong! I am so unbelievably clumsy like you wouldn't believe too! I've broken or lost every phone I've ever had! So this year, I've bought myself a lovely FCUK diary which I carry around with me, I have an 'emergency bag' in my bag consisting of emergency makeup, tablets, pens, anything you will ever need, I make sure that anything I will need for the next day is done before bed, I get up an extra half an hour earlier to make sure that I'm not late and I think I'm doing really well! Being clumsy comes naturally to me, and although I'm fairly intelligent, I'm ever so ditzy! I come out with some ridiculous things sometimes, and I'm forever dropping things, or doing things that I really shouldn't be doing. It's embarrassing! 

Be more domesticated! 
You know, I don't actually know how to work the washing machine in my house. How would I cope if I lived on my own!? I would have to take my washing to my mum. I can't cook either, although I did make myself an 'omelette' (which looked sort of like scrambled eggs) so I'm really trying with that one! I am also going to learn how to use the washer this week, too. Watch this space! 

Be more positive and say yes to more things.
I've found that I shy away from things that I don't like. For example, going out with people from work. I'm so embarassed of public places-- I won't meet someone in a pub/bar because I feel silly walking in alone, or I won't go out straight from work because 'my hair is a mess' etc. I need to be more spontaneous. Also, I find myself looking for negative things in every little thing. For every negative thought that I have, I am going to think up a positive that will push it out the way! A few things happened last year, which knocked my confidence and trust issues a little, so I'm also working on that this year too! 

  Stop wasting money on impulse buys! 
I am one of those people who buy for buying's sake. My mum says I would buy shit if they sold it in Primark. :( I like to think that it's just me being open about everything, but I always come home with at least one thing that I look at and think 'oh, i really didn't need you!' haha. I will do a post about the little bits and bobs I bought yesterday on a random trip to Home Bargains and Poundland, and you will see exactly what I mean! haha.

Grow up.. :(
Yesterday was 16/01/2013, which can only mean that it's one month until I'm 20. That's one more month that I can blame everything I do on 'being a teenager'. I feel that that's my deadline to realise what I want to do with my life, which is a huge step for someone as indecisive as myself. I have too many big ideas for life. I don't know whether journalism is 'my thing', or do I want to be a primary school teacher? I'd love that too. Oh, why so many ideas?! I hate people like my best friend who knew for as long as I've known her, that she wanted to work in the airport industry. I think it makes it really hard working at the university, because I'm surrounded by so many intelligent people who know exactly where they're going and I only just scraped my passes in A-Levels and have ended up in a dead-end job. It makes it really hard too, because I earn X amount in a month, but when I've paid my car insurance, phone bill, paid my mum back for anything that I owe her, I have next to nothing left, so right now I can't afford to go to college, but then if I could, I would have to leave my job, meaning I'd get no income, so I couldn't have my car... But then I could do online A-Levels again, and then I can still work, but I have to save up so many thousand pounds-- which is gonna be a fair few months! Do you see this predicament?! Haha, so yeah- that's my big challenge for this year! 

There we have it, my resolutions! I'm sticking to them like glue, I promise!
Have you done yours? Let me know!