i'm really sorry for the serious lack of blogging in the last month, but i've been working so hard! i literally haven't had a day off in a month and a half, and i can honestly tell you that i am SERIOUSLY feeling it right now.. I have just finished a 9-6 shift, and due to it being Easter Sunday tomorrow i finally get the day off that i've been waiting for! Thank the lord. no literally.. and, i finally have some good news! I got a new job! As you can see, i have changed the site around a little and had a play on words with my new site name. For those who don't know me personally, my name is Jessica Starbuck.. and i may have just got a job at STARBUCKS. haha, how ironic? i start training on wednesday and i'm super excited. wish me luck!
anywho, with good luck comes a bit of bad luck..  I was in a car accident a few weeks back, so my little baby has been written off :( seriously sad. BUTTTTT, i now have the car of my dreams. i really feel as though i should marry it!
pretty isn't she?!

speaking of marriage, (no, im not engaged), i have been with Luke for a whole year now. it doesn't seem like 2 minutes ago since i was telling you all that i have a new boyfriend.. crazzzzyyyyy. 

righteo. hope you all have a lovely easter; i know i will!

Jessiee xxxx