Thursday, December 24, 2009

well; it's been a while since i'd published an image of just myself on a post, so i figured that i'd let you all see the 'new' me..
Looks the same? Couldnt agree more!
Lastnight was my work party, and as you can probably guess, this photograph was taken just before i left to dance my socks off all night. On the arrival, it was dead. The leisure centres were seperated onto different tables, & on the tables were different groups.. Noone was dancing -- & the music playing was completely shit.. Then all of a sudden BAYUM: looked across the room to find the dancefloor full -- & there was two boys from back at school. Helloooo fellow dancers of the night.. ;)
-- someone please explain to me how the hell i got drunk outa my face on vodka & cokes; yet didnt pay for ONE drink?! Good night? i think so! ;)
Tbh, the whole night turned out to be pretty amazing in the end. i spent most of it with Cullen.. (from school), but danced with a right load-a randomers. it was great!!

oooh; & for the record, the excitement factor of Christmas has definitely kicked in..
it is now officially CHRISTMAS EVE, and i'm completely excited for Christmas! ;]
Is it sad that i've stayed up til 01:21am just to write a blog post to share my excitement of this glorious holiday?!

Lastnight has worn me out -- i need sleep.
Sleep deprivation is not a good look tbh.
Plus, im going to the cinema tomorrow!

Listen to The saturdays- Ego.

Taylor Swift- Santa Baby < Sure to get you into the hype of xmas!