Sorry, i was working all day yesterday and everyone around me has been ill, meaning that when i got home from work yesterday, all i wanted to do was go to bed and sleep off any chance of getting ill myself.
anywho, sorry about skipping a day- but here it goes.

Day 03-- A picture of you and your friends;  

this was a long time ago-- like earlier last year i think, but i love this picture. It was taken in Revolution in Nottingham and I cannot even remember going into there.. it was one crazy night (like any nights when Grace is involved). These two are probably my most valued friends, sometimes i just wish i could see them more..
as far as other friends go, obviously i have a few, but my best friends have to be these two;

my sister and my boyfriend. sad but true. <3
this is another picture that i absolutely love. it was on the way to Skegness in the back of my dad's car. we were having so much fun and it was actually a really good day. xox

day 04- A habit that you wish you didn't have;
god, i don't even know about this one?
erm, i guess the only one that i can think of right now (cos im about to try duck for the first time, ew), is the fact that i always overthink about the food im eating. for example, the duck that im about to eat-- where did it live? how was it killed? haha, im so sad but i get put off things so easily. I always think about things such as 'how dirty is the kitchen that my food as cooked in?' and 'ew, i wonder who else has drank out of this glass/cup?' and then it puts me off. im strange, yes, but that's the only thing that i could think of haha.

back tomorrow! xox