Day 06 - Favourite superhero and why.

i'm not into the whole superhero thing.. i never have been. Is spiderman a super hero? gah, i don't think so? well i'm gonna say Wonder Woman because it's the only one that i can think of right now. actually, it reminds me of a scene off The OC where Rachel Bilson dresses up as her and looks totally stunning and i always look at her in awe and wish i could look even a smidge as good as she does. this is what i'm talking about;

I know that this isn't much to do with the original question, but like i said, i'm not into heroes. sorry!

in other news, i'm ill. and i'm spotty. and i'm having such a fat day & i've got a 7 hour shift. :'(
i am also going to Alton Towers tomorrow dressed up as a doll;
 this is the makeup that i've practiced. I've wanted to do it for a while, so this was the perfect opportunity. it's the scarefest at alton towers so instead of opting for the scariness, i think i'm gonna put some scars going up from the corner of my mouth and possibly a 'crack' on my head, paired with a pretty Alice and Wonderland dress. just one dilemma- what shoes do i wear with long white socks?! i need your help.
let me know, xox