Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you:
I'm gonna say my little sister on this one. She has the ability to make me want to change in an instant with her wise words. She inspires me to be a good role model for her. She is kind, funny and so sweet- even if we do argue over her taking my clothes and makeup every day. i know when i ever need anyone, she will be there. I wouldn't be who i am today if it wasn't for her. Then there is Luke, who has also had a similar impact on my life since he entered it. I love the two of them to bits xxx

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why?
okay, my main goal this month is to sort myself out! I want to lose the stone that i've put back on, so this month is the start of my diet ready for holiday in Feb. Not only my weight, but i need my skin regime back on track, and also my teeth whitening regime for that matter. i used to be so strict before i started going out/ working late/early, and i'm just finding it so hard to force myself to get my makeup off/ scrub my face and teeth when all i wanna do is get to sleep. :( so that;s my main goal for this month.
a couple of smaller ones such as wanting to sort out my wardrobe, makeup and hair are goals of this month too. I think my hair is so bland at the minute, and i'm desperate to go lighter, with a few highlights, and my makeup needs to be sorted because i seem to look in the mirror everyday and just not feel comfortable. i can't quite place what it is, but i need to sort it! 

and the last is probably my want to make up with my friends. no, i haven't fallen out with them, but i don't see them a quarter as much as i used to. yes, they will say it's because i have a boyfriend now, but no- it's more to do with the fact that i work so much, and all i want to do when i finish or have a day off is have time to myself! i'm going out with one friend from college for a couple of cocktails tonight which should be nice so i have at least started this goal! hehe. 

loves xxx