Day 10: Songs you listen to when you are happy/sad/bored. 

okay. I'm not a big music listener. No, i listen to chart music, and my ipod has over 1000 tracks on it, but i never ever download someone's album and listen to it. ever. except for Taylor Swift. She is literally my idol- i am in love with her. literally, there is a song for every mood. when i broke up with my boyfriend a couple of years back, i listened to her songs about love, and how great it is to be in love etc, making me sad and feel very sorry for myself. and then i started listening to her 'you go gurl' songs e.g. better than revenge- making you feel so much better about yourself, and making you realise that there are so many other things to be worrying about and that you can do so much better. So yeah, all of her songs fit into every mood. 

when i'm about to go out and am getting ready to partay i tend to listen to chart music and dance to prepare myself. when i'm bored i just press shuffle and can get anything from rap to rock to opera.. very diverse!

that will be all on this question! i've just clicked that it's 'day 10' today. wow that's gone so quickly! haha