I realise that i'm not doing great with this haha. 
p.s. it's two months til xmas! eeeeep.

day 17- someone you would like to switch lives with for a day.
 I would have to say Taylor Swift, because she's absolutely gorgeous and one of the most talented people in the world. She writes her songs, sings them, is so gorgeous, has amazing style and is still so down to earth and hasn't gone all 'diva' on us. thank god. major girl crush. xxx

day 18- plans/ goals/ dreams- 
plans; i want to lose weight, sort out my hair and teeth and get a whole new wardrobe, where even when i'm nipping to the shop, i turn heads. that's sad, but it's true. I also would like to redo my alevels and go to university, but until i know exactly what i want to do, im not gonna waste my money/ get in debt. soooo. 
goals; i want to own my own cafe. i really do. i also want to be an editor of a major magazine company. i'm also keen on psychology/ counselling. this is why i can't go to uni- because there is nothing i can study that will allow me to make my decision a few years down the line-- and i know that if i chose one, and chose an accompanying uni course, i will regret my choice and want to do a different one.  haha. 

going out for dinner now, loves xxxx