Day 23; something you crave for a lot. 
i'm not sure what direction to take this but here it goes.

something that i physically crave is chocolate. all the time. i could live on the stuff. in fact, anything sweet! i have the biggest sweet tooth i have ever known anyone to have! it's terrrible when you're trying to diet, too. i just can't resist a slice of cake or a row of chocolate :(

erm, a bit more deep- i crave to fit in. it's alright to say i want to be 'unique' and i want my own style etc, but in reality, i look at all these pretty girls and just wish that i could pull off half the looks that they can. it sounds majorly pathetic, but it's so true. I've never been the one in the group that boys fall over their feet to look at. I've never been the one to be able to walk around in the sweltering foreign heat in a bikini. I've never been able to wake up and throw on the nearest outfit because i'm late and still look beautiful. I know this is what a large majority of all girls my age have an issue with, and i understand that i could be bigger, and i could be more ugly, but then i think to myself, imagine if you lose the weight, and sorted out your skin and hair etc.. don't get me wrong, i make the effort every day to look as good as i can make myself, and i'm not totally unhappy with the way i look- i am myself- but sometimes i just wonder what i could look like. 
this was a little random and off-topic, but now you all know the truth behind the makeup and the fashion and the smiles.

i'm going to see Ed Sheeran tomorrow, so i may struggle to write. just saying!