so this is the final day of my 30 day challenge. i've enjoyed it as it's actually given me something different to write about other than makeup, hair and fashion. I hope you've all enjoyed it and got to know the real me a little better! :)

Day 30- what is your favourite song? 
It would have to be You Belong With Me- Taylor Swift. It's such a happy song, and no matter what, it always puts me in an awesome mood. haha. I think it came about when me and an ex broke up, and i was somewhat heartbroken (looking back now i don't know why) but her album really did help me through it. First, i was listening to sad songs that made me cry even more, and then i listened to the ones that make you feel good about yourself, and then i listened to happy songs. and i was completely happy! so that's why i love that song. xxx