i'm sorry for the lack of type in the last few days.. we seem to have a fairy in our house that only likes to take my things and always hides them in my sister's bedroom. and this time, it was my laptop charger so I've not been able to charge my laptop. anyway, enough blabbering.

day 14- A picture of you and your family:
when i was looking for a picture to put here, i came across a few that i'd just like to add.
 this one was in Lanzarote with a family we met. xx
  I didn't realise that i had one with mum and dad, but here one is!

 this one is just me and mum when we went to London. Such good memories of this weekend xx

i know this question doesn't necessarily mean extended family, but this is my cousin and i with my sis in London, again.. haha. And here is my auntie and uncle:
 one word: wow. 
i love my family more than anything. my grandad, (which i have no digital photos of at the minute), means the absolute world to me. My sister is my best friend, and my mum and dad do so much for me that i consider myself to be one of the most luckiest people i know. My auntie, uncle and cousin also mean a lot to me. xxxxxx

Day 15- put your ipod on shuffle- what are the first 10 songs to come on:
okay, i'm gonna have to postpone this one cos i've lost my ipod. no doubt the fairies took it.. 

Day 16- another photo of yourself:

this is the first picture i could find-- it's when i got back from shopping the other day and decided to try my new lippy. i quite like the look of it on this picture, although i love it in real life. It's not as bright in person, but subtle enough to spruce up a plain face/hair do. 

i'll try to type back tomorrow, although i've just been informed that i have to attend a meeting at work at another campus tomorrow at 4pm, but i finish work at 2, so i'm gonna end up going home to go all the way back. borreeee. 

righteo, xxx