holaaaaa. sorry for not posting, i've not really had a spare moment to myself in the last couple of days!

day 20; someone you can see yourself marrying/ being with in the future.
obviously, it's gonna be Luke. I love him to bits, genuinely. It's been a year & a half and it's just absolutely amazing. xxx

day 21; a picture of something that makes you happy;
i got this last weekend, and my mum has literally had to sneak it off me when i was at work to get it in the wash. I am absolutely obsessed with it. it's the most cosy thing in the world, and sadly, it really does make me happy. how sad is that?! hahaha

Day 22; What makes you different from everyone else?
that would be my elf ear. haha. My right ear used to cause me a little bit of aggro at school. I've never seen Star Wars, but i was always likened to a character in that? or saying that i got hung from the washing line by my ear when i was a baby.. i had it all. but now, i quite like my little ear. It makes me different to all you perfect-eared boggers ;) ha ha ha. 

okay, i'll try to do tomorrow's day actually on the day! haha. xxx