I've never been much of a baker.. I remember struggling to make a fruit salad back in school, then it started getting really advanced with the classic apple pie, (nope, couldn't even master that), and then you get your things such a chicken kievs or quiches, which never got much further than getting in the oven, let alone being ate. I must say, I've never been one to be very creative either.. I look back at the things that I've lovingly made my mum and dad over the years and they are truly hideous. I have no idea how my parents hid their disgust, but they did it very well! Anyway, over the last few months, I've been obsessed with checking out Pinterest-- It's so interesting and inspiring.. There's an idea for absolutely everything! I think I mentioned this in a post a few weeks back, but I've been short of money at the minute, and I was looking for something relatively cheap, but individual and still really nice to give to a few of my friends.. I never realised how many friends' birthdays there are in May and June! So I started looking around Pinterest, and I had the idea of making a little bundle of goodies-- cakes, body treats, food etc. So now I just thought that I'd share a few bits that I've made with you all!

*In all my excitement of successfully making these bits, I forgot to take hardly any photos, so I will mainly show you what they were based on/ inspired by..*

First of all, baking. 
My little sister is the baker in the family- she has such a talent when she cooks, but recently she seems to take no interest in it.. When she was really into baking cakes, my mum bought her every cake-making instrument imaginable, and I just thought that it was a waste for noone to use them so introducing Jess Starbuck..
Mary Berry step aside! I based my first set of cakes on these two that I found on Google images;


I did a mixture of the two and put them in little fancy boxes that I picked up from a bargain store near me, and took them to a party for my friend's birthday where everyone kept asking where I had bought them from. Since then, I've varied them- once by putting names on, other times just swapping colors around- and everyone that I've made them for have been really appreciative. I love making people happy with small gifts such as cakes, and I mean, who doesn't love cakes?! 
Whilst we're on the subject of baking, last night I had the night in to myself, and I figured I'd try and bake a few different things-- so I made a chocolate caramel shortbread and a bakewell tart, which both came out beautifully! 
Here is a picture of my caramel shortbread.. 

Not too bad considering that I struggled making fairy cakes up until a few months ago! 

Then, I figured that I'd love for someone to make me some little things for my birthday, and what girl wouldn't appreciate a few homemade treats?! 

Strawberry and vanilla flavoured lip scrubs.

*taking from 'the idea room' on Pinterest*
A cute idea of making two different scrubs and layering them for a beautifully girly effect.

*taken from TidyMom on Pinterest*
I thought this was a lovely idea and is just a little bit different to your generic birthday gifts.

Vanilla body scrub.
Smells gorgeous and will leave your skin looking and feeling beautiful and soft!

Made some cute candy sticks and then wrapped them in patterned cellophane.

This was the finished product for a family friend-- my sister made mango and chilli jam and then made some sticky toffee popcorn. It looks so cute!