i've booked my driving test!! :) eeek. excited much? i sharnt say the date, incase i fail- i don't want to embarrass myself! but i will let you know if i do pass! 

aaargh. i feel like such a happy kiddo these last few days. 
and hey! i've acquired a few admirers! i never have admirerssss! i'm so excited about this! ;) it's definitely the Tesco uniform that's doing it for me.. eeek. 

HAPPY NEW YEEEEAR by the way! i'm hoping that you all had a fantastic new year-- got drunk, had some laughs? i sure did. it was, um, eventful to say the least. :').

anyway- this was just a quick update for you to see how happy i am and for me to just say Happy New Year! :D

soyeeeeah. i'll update properly soon, but for now, it's goodbye!

listen to Taylor Swift's album- Speak Now. it's amazing.<3

night beauties. xxxxxx