Well hey there..
I got rang back for tesco! They offered me to go in for a job trial 2 nights ago-- i loved it. beep.. beep.. beep.. Checkouts are great! So now i have to sit & wait for the phonecall to let me know whether i have got a job or not. really, i hope i get it. :(
oh. my. god.
Lastnight was amazing. I went to see Michael Buble!

really, hubba hubba. He was totally amazing. <3
Words simply cannot describe how good he was. His audience interraction was fantastic- not only did he melt our hearts (cheesy, i know) with his beautiful voice, but he was just so goddamn funny!
and i touched him. I touched the 'bubes'.. a little wrong-sounding, but you get me. aah.

i shall go to bed a happy lady tonight with the thoughts of mickey bubbles in my mind. yum.
write soon! xxx