Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why is facebook so addictive. Seriously, for the last 6weeks, i've been completely obsessed with updating my status and seeing what everyone's up to. & when im not thinking of what i can say, im seeing what everyone else is saying, or checking that i have no new notifications! It's absolutely addictive.
i now have near enough 700 facebook friends. Come on, i dont think that i've ever even spoken to 700 different people! Haha. Half of the people on there are just people that i've seen round&about and accepted just cos i know of them lmao! terrible i tell you, just terrible!
You know what else is immensely addictive? Chocolate&Twilight!
i swear, i know every word of twilight, then the books are absolutely amazing too! And it's humanly impossible to be able to watch it without some yummy chocolate. Haha.
Anyway - this post was really just to inform you that there has been nothing more on the spontaneous front! i just find it so hard to be absolutely unique and think of thingss that nobody else has done :|

So now, im gonna go & watch eastenders and get back to checking my facebook haha.