Anyone that knows me will know that it is very rare for me to be without a tan, and I think I have tried the majority of all fake tans out there, so when I saw this, I was dying to try it! I decided to get it when I was in my local Boots last week and I spotted it. A fake tan that claims to give you a gorgeous deep colour in a matter of 3 hours? yes please. 

How does it work, you're asking? Well it contains certain ingredients that speed up the developing time, giving you that look you want for a lot less of the time. 
First thoughts when I put it on were that it smells/goes on exactly like every other fake bake I've ever tried-- and if any of you have actually read any of my posts about fake bake before, you'll know that I'm not their biggest fan. I find that I don't get the same results that everyone else gets. My tan always just seems to go up by one shade and has a greeny-tinge to it. Not very attractive. 
Here are the results: 

so there you have it- the proof is in the pudding right there. I'm impressed with this fake tan purely because it really does do what it claims. I like the scent of it- not too overwhelming, and the consistency is okay- although it dries a little too quickly sometimes for my liking and can leave you with a line where you can't blend it in properly.. but that would be my only downside.
The lotion comes with a pink (!) tanning mitt, so obviously that made me happy cos i love anything pink, but I have a problem with mitts cos i think they usually soak up too much of the tan, but i'm learning to deal with it, haha. 

anyway, i would definitely recommend this tan to anyone.
have you tried this yet? do you want to try it? what do you think? 

lots of love, xox