Monday, May 25, 2009

Okay, so now i've officially left school. Friday 22nd May was actually one of the sadest days i have ever experienced, but at the same time, it was an absolutely amazingly happy day!
So! We got there in the morning -- & i made sure that i had my school t-shirt and permanent markers for everyone to sign my shirt with, & everyone had their camera's out! It was the wierdest thing just to look around and see so many people posing for pictures! Then, the atmosphere started to turn sad & miserable.. turned out that the whole year had 2 hours of maths revision to endure before we could even think of  having any fun! Ridiculous dont'cha think? That they make us have maths revision on the last day of school -- ever. So yarr, after maths, it was break time - & as i looked around, i realised that 50% of the people surrounding me were crying! ;( not good. if you know me well enough, then you'll know that i dont really deal well with people crying around me.. it just makes me cry with them! Signing everyone's books and shirts made me realise what it would be like to be famous i think -- How the hell can they think of what to write to complete strangers?! i didnt even know what to write to people who i've spent the last 5 years with!! The bell went and i honestly wanted this moment to last forever -- it was an amazing atmosphere, and i think that everyone was putting the past in the past and living for the moment!
So after a couple more minutes outside in the courtyard, we got called into the small hall, for some surprise.. We all knew that we had a leavers assembly, but everyone was pretty much 99% sure that they were gonna tell us that they had a party planned for us all. Turns out that after Mr. Morgans VERY cheesy speech, Mr Clarke & Miss Pyle's emotional talk, and Miss Sellers video of us all, they let us go home at dinner!! Mr Morgan put all the pictures from year 7 up onto the big board for everyone to see, and it was amazing how much everyone has changed, and how far everyone had come. So, we was left with about half an hour before the dinner bell went, and they let us have the time to take pictures, carry on signing tops and books and just generally spend the last half an hour together.

"i dont wanna close my eyes; i dont wanna fall asleep cos i miss you baby, and i dont wanna miss a thing."

Okay, so that was the song that was playing that made me & about 60% of the other people cry, It was VERY emotional..

Anyway, there was then a message send around that everyone should go to Tesco for 2pm, & we was all gonna go out. When i considered going, i was like "oh, i doubt many people will even show up tbh", but when i got there -- there was actually about 30 people there. Words can even describe how amazing the day and night was really - and i am so glad that it was spent with my bestfriendss & the people who im gonna miss the most!
You can see the pictures from 22/05/09 right here:

Right now, im off to Adele's 40th BBQ!