Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Me = Immensely tired.
Today is Tuesday. You know what that means. It's the most pointless day of the week. Woohoo!! :|
i have to get up, get ready - (which takes absolutely ages may i just add?) then, i have to spend an unnecessary 15minues walking to the bus stop, to wait for a bus that takes forever.. Just to get off after about 15minutes.. to catch another bus -- taking about 40 minutes.. THEN after all've that -- i have to treck up a very long road that takes about 10minutes.
So now im at college -- & i have an hour'10minss of Sociology in which i sit there with some girls who're seriously ball-achingly boring & unsociable, with a teacher who makes poking your eyes out with forks feel less painful than this lesson. So yer, after this ONE lesson, i have to treck ALL THAT WAY back home!
i have to do that treck every single weekday morning, butttt, tuesdays are just stupid.. Probss down to the fact that i have to do it alone & at midday as oppose to 7.30am. :)
So yes, iHATEtuesdays.

Anyway -- this picture was taken almost 5 yearss ago! & surprisingly, they're STILL my bestfriends!
i miss the two on the end ALOT.
They're the two that didnt come up to Bilborough with us, & i havent seen them in quite a while.
Forever & Alwayss bestfriends though
..i guess (:

College time now!
Lonely college time now should i say?
Maybe i can bribe Josh to come & meet me & get the bus with me?
idunno -- but i'll be sure to tell you how it went later on.

listen to: The Veronicas - 4ever