As you can see, today I have clearly been working so hard.. I joke. It was at 8am this morning, and I figured you guys haven't seen me in my work uniform yet, so here it is! muwaha, it feels so funny to have a Starbuck's uniform of my own considering that I've alwaysssss wanted to work there! hehe. so yeah, over the last few days, I've been feeling totally under the weather.. I'm having chest pains, breathing difficulties, and as we speak, I seem to be developing a pretty harsh cough. boohoo poor me. after consulting not one, but two doctors in the past two days, it seems to be nothing major, and there is 'nothing' they can do about it but send me home with the order to rest, take it easy and take ibuprofen.. Being bedridden for more than two hours is already killing me, and luckily I have a day off work tomorrow so thankfully I don't have to call in sick, but I can tell that it's gonna be a very, very long day. I'm hoping that I can get some reviews done along with a few before/after pictures. Also, I'm meant to be going out for dinner with Lukey tomorrow, which means, unless I feel completely crappy, then I have alllllll day to make myself look wonderful! haha. 

It's not just me that has the new job either; lukey has finally got a proper job away from the shithole that they call 'tesco'. yayay. So seeing as he does 7 days a week now, I feel that I should repay him by making his dinner-- so here is what I've made for tonight.. 

I'm no culinary genius, so tonight was just a cheese and tomato pasta bake along with spicy wedges.. of course, there had to be pudding (cos i'm ill), so I got a huge chocolate mess sort of thing that was sooo sickly, but I'm not gona lie- it definitely cheered me up! mmm. and we even treated ourselves to a fab afterwards..mmm, cheeky! 

Okay, so now I'm gonna chill and watch a little tv, then I guess I'll get this 'rest' that claims to make me feel better!