Hello everybody! 
I can't even remember the last time that I reviewed a product on here, but this morning, I happened to buy this little gem and just couldn't wait to share it with all of you! 
It's the new Garnier "Moisture Match" and it is utterly amazing. I'm not usually a fan of moisturisers-- I'll tell the truth, I've never understood why girls fret so much if they're running late and happen to forget to moisturise etc. I've always had strange skin. One day I can wake up and it's that greasy that my makeup just slips off of my face, other days my face will be so dry that my foundation goes all patchy and powder-like, especially around my nose and forehead. It's a nightmare, so I find myself only moisturising in the places that I notice are feeling dry and only with a simple Nivea cream just so that my makeup sits correctly. Anyway, I'm babbling.. My point is, I've never really been one to say "oh, this weather is causing havoc with my skin this week!".. until yesterday. Two days previously, I had gotten up late and had to rush my makeup in order to meet my mum in time, and I noticed that my skin was extremely dry. I tried a number of my foundations- just to find that they were all looking like I'd poured loose powder all onto my face. It was patchy, and blotchy and it looked so gross. In the end, I had to leave it, but I just put it down to the fact that I was rushing. So yesterday, I was getting ready to go to a party last night, and the same thing happened again. I took off my makeup, put on a few moisturisers and a primer, and then begun again. The same thing happened again. "What is wrong with me?!" I was asking. In a bid to sort this, I nipped to my local drugstore in search for the miracle product that was going to save me and my makeup credibility. 
That was when I spotted this product.. I'm a huge fan of Garnier products, and on lazy days when I can't be bothered to use my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, I will use their products with some cotton pads. In my store, there were only three variations of this product, but whilst doing further research on this I've found that there is in fact five. The choices that I had were one for very dry skin, one for dull skin and one for delicate and exposed skin. Personally, I wanted all three but seeing as I don't get paid until tomorrow, I figured I would have to make due with just the one for now. I did the smart thing and bought the one for dull skin, because it was more moisturising than the delicate one, which is what I need, but it was less moisturising than the one for dry skin, which I thought may leave my skin greasy. 
So here's what it says: 
 -'Revitalising Hydrating Gel"
Is Wake Me Up my perfect moisture match? 
If you have those days when your skin looks a bit dull, then this one is the one for you. This little pick-me-up was specially formulated to give your skin a hydration and radiance boost for a daily 'wake up call'. 

Now this sounded good to me! I often look in the mirror and wonder what the hell is going on. My skin constantly looks so dull and lifeless, so this sounded like it really was the perfect match for me. 
It also goes on to say that they made the different variations as the understand that not everyone's skin is the same, and that it is 24 hour-lasting. It says that the gel-like texture is oil-free, ultra light and quick to absorb, and that it is enriched with citrus, which boosts stimulation and radiance. Sounds impressive, right?!  

The first thing that surprised me for some reason when opening this was that it is in the same tube as their BB cream. Now, I'm really not sure what I was expecting, but I don't think it was that.. haha. I found that the BB cream could sometimes be a little tricky to get out, and often gave you too much product, which was wasting a lot of it. Anyway, the next thing was the consistency. I did try to get a decent picture of it, but the lighting in my room is a little funny and the fact that the product is more of a transparent gel than anything, it was tricky to do: 

I quite like the texture if I'm honest. It doesn't linger on the skin (which would be the fast-absorbing qualities), so I find that I can put my makeup on pretty much straight away. Not just that, but a small blob goes a very long way. I also love the smell of it, it has a slight citrus smell, but nothing that is too overpowering, it just feels fresh. When putting it on, I also feel that it does make your face feel fresh and almost cool. 

Overall, I am so impressed with this and will definitely be purchasing the rest of the range! It has converted me completely! 

Have any of you tried these? What do you think? 

Hope you've all had a good week, xxxx