Okay, so gay picture, i know- but i presumed that i should meantion my new hair cut. So there it is..
I cut it for a whole different kind of reasons-
my world has been shaken up, tipped upside down, left and right this last couple of weeks- and now i think it's finally back center, or at least i'm hoping.

The reason for the title in this post is just that it was the only main thing that's on my mind today:
as ive said- this week inparticularly has been craaazy. I won't meantion what exactly, cos no matter which way i put it, it'll be wrong and just cause conflict.
But i've been upset, annoyed, ignored, hysterical and depressed-- all at the same time. wow- how's that for multi-tasking? But in all seriousness, i've made some mistakes that have really made me realise just how lucky I am to have a certain Mr. in my life right now, and how much i love him to bits and couldnt bear to loose him. <3 youuu know who you are :)

so- i just wanted to say that there are a hell of a lot of mother-fucking immature people out there.. so you want to cause sh#t and arguments, or you want to ignore me, or you want to, hypothetically speaking, 'like' comments on facebook out of pure sarcasm, or even comment pathetic things on facebook- please, just get over yourself. Just leave me out of this one, cos im sick of it.
i'm living my life my own way now, i look out for myself, my boyfriend, my family and my very close friends, but its not my responsibility to look out for others, being wary of my own actions just to please others. Im sorry, but thats just not how im gonna live my life anymore.
so yer, I will ignore your sarcastic remarks, and overlook your ignorance and rudeness, and even those sly scowls that you love so much- And who's winning now bitches? who's the bigger person now?
i dont care- all  i need are my nearest and dearest.
& MATTHEW SMITH- i apologise for everything. forever and always baby.

anyway-- enough now. i think ive ranted enough.
Happy summer holidays!