Hey guys. 
This is just a quick post really. I've cut off all my hair to about shoulder length and I'm really not sure if I like it just yet. Looking at pictures, I seriously love my long hair, but it was boring me so much that (admittedly in the spur of the moment) I just cut it off. Right now I'm looking at that picture to the right where I have my fringe.. I reeeeally want it back, but seeing as I'm going on holiday soon, I won't be able to control it in the daytime unless someone creates some miraculous straighteners-to-go. Highly unlikely! Ugh. I just look in the mirror & feel so boring! I also really want highlights or something. Oh my. Someone just sort me out. Pleeease. 

So what's everyone doing to celebrate the Jubilee holidays? 

Lots of love xox