So this week I've been really struggling to come to terms with how I actually want my hair. It seems that no matter what I do to it, it looks so bland, flat and, well, shitty. I loved my fringe at first, but you know how it is when someone takes a picture of you and you see it and it's a huge wakeup call.. well that is what's happened to me.. 
I was tagged in a picture from a party I went to last week, and I looked absolutely dreadful! Looking at pictures from the last few months has made me realise how much weight I've gained, and how much I really hate my hair. Why did I cut it short? I've decided that this is no more. I am going to get back to that confident, pretty person I used to be! I have been on a diet all week, and have actually lost 3lb. Now that's not made much of a difference, but it's a starting point, right? I'm deadly serious about this.. I've had a treat 24 hours, but now it's back to business. I forgot how good it makes you feel when you step on those scales and realise all the work you've put in this week has actually had an effect on you. Happy days! I'll keep you updated on how this is going. 
P.s. I gave up with the whole fasting diet- it's far too hard, it puts me in a crappy mood and after just eating healthily and exercising this week, that's proof that I do not need to do it to lose weight. Thank God! 

Hope you're all well and have a lovely weekend. xox