Hello everybody!
I must just say, I've had a tough month. I feel like I have struggled to keep my usual happy-self up to scratch, and when I don't feel happy, I feel as though my blog posts suffer. But yesterday, I woke up, the rain has disappeared, the bright, beautiful sky taking it's place and I seem to have cheered up along with it! I went out for a lovely walk in my new dress, and that's where I decided that I'd do this little post just to show you what I've been doing in the last few weeks. 

I feel like this month, I've sort of turned over a new leaf. I've been really trying to appreciate myself in a better light. Usually, I look in the mirror and see something pretty gross looking back, but I've tried to look past that, and appreciate health etc. I've begun embracing my short, natural hair, my clear skin without it being plastered in an inch of foundation, and my big blue eyes being framed with just a layer of mascara, not a shovel-load of eyeshaddow, eyeliner and mascara. I feel somewhat radiant, and I'm forever getting compliments about my new found look. I'm glad I've finally got there- this time last year I was taking 2 hours to get ready, and now I'm up, ready and out in a quarter of the time, go me! I've also been trying not to take myself so seriously. I keep thinking about everything so darn much-- the fact that I'm 20, the fact that I REALLY should have a proper job or a degree by now but I don't. The fact that my best friend has upped and moved to London, making me feel immature and inadequate. I just need to find what I enjoy and stick to it. My auntie recently told me that one of her friends envies me on the aspect that I'm so carefree and confident. She also went on to say that not everyone could take hideous pictures of themselves and post them online for the fun of it. And when I think about it, it's true! That really has stuck in my head all month, and has given me the reason to not take myself so seriously! 

Early in the month, there was a bank holiday weekend. I worked the friday, and then Friday night I went out into town with the girls for a friends' 18th birthday. It was a nice night, but nothing special.

a nice picture at the beginning of the night! 

Navy chiffon loose dress: AX Paris £23
Black wedges: Newlook £17.99

 It was then my friends' 21st birthday on the Sunday. They're twins, so of course it was double the celebration, haha! I have been fairly skint all month, and I decided that I would just get them a few gifts, (nothing amazing), and then add a few homemade gifts-- which I think gives it a really nice touch. I decided to make them some cupcakes, which took ALL day, but they did turn out spectacularly. I used fondant to cover the cupcakes, and then made small turquoise roses and popped them on a few. I did a range of cute patterns, etc and the final result was amazing to say that I had no idea how to use most of the stuff! Very, very elegant. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures which I was so sad about! 
I also made Luke some cakes, which I did take a picture of: 

cute, huh?
I've been really inspired recently to make things, and cakes seems like a sensible place to start.. I'd love to collect the essentials so that I have my own set of things to use. I think that's one of next month's resolutions. 
Anyway, for the twin's birthdays they had a house party with all the family. It was a great night and went on until the very early hours.

oh my, we all look a little intoxicated! 

Tribal playsuit: Internacional, £16.99
Black cardigan: Vera Moda, £15

Then, after the heavy night, me and Luke decided we shouldn't waste the bank holiday Monday, so he surprised me with a trip to Bakewell. It was so lovely- such a beautiful, picturesque place- and we couldn't have picked a better day for the weather!

White lacy dress: Vera Moda, £34
Black open-toe pumps: Primark, £6
Coral blazer: Primark £14

We had a slow walk around Bakewell, had an ice cream, some fish and chips and went to a little cake shop and then had a slow walk back to the car. It was the most lovely day I've had in such a long while and I wish every day would be like that!

The day after that, me, my mum and sister took my Nanna and Grandad out for dinner to a local picturesque pub with large grounds. It's so lovely there, and the food is always spot on- so it was another lovely day!

Black bandeau top: £4, Asda
Retro red flowery skirt: Primark, £8
Denim jacket: FCUK

Then, the Starbucks that I work at, hosted an acoustic night for the university to showcase new bands, so I thought we could pop along. It was a good night, with a great turn out. All the bands were listenable, so I was happy enough- although I do think it went on a little too long! 
THEN! We finally booked our summer holiday! WAHOOOOO. We are off to Hurgarda, Egypt!

We're so excited! How lovely does it look?! So with this being booked, I've gone on a major diet! I've lost half a stone since, and I'm looking to lose at least another stone before I get there. I am also doing the squat challenge so that my bum looks decent! hahaha. eeeeek! 

This month, we also went out to a comedy club in the city center. It was a great night- the acts were positively hilarious. You get a free thai green curry, but the drinks were very expensive! It was a nice night though, and it was definitely different to any normal night out. 

I had work until quite late so was in a major rush to get ready so I just took down my hair and added a few more layers of mascara and a slick of lippy!
I wore a delicate, grey shirt with embellished shoulders from Primark, with some jeans and wedges.

Yesterday, me and my boyfriend went for a little walk around a local park which has a beautiful lake that you can hire boats etc. So that was lovely too. 

Also this month, my boyfriend's brother and his girlfriend had a little baby-- Lee Jr. So congratulations! 

Yeah, it's been a very eventful month and I just wanted to share that with you.
I've also bought quite a few things in the last month or so that I intend on sharing with you-- especially my top festival buys ready for next weekend! I'll probably share those some time this week! 
Thank you for sticking by me whilst I went through this stage! 
much love xxx