Hi guys! 
i'm just gonna take this time to say happy new year! hope all is well and that everyone had a lovely Christmas and Newyear.
As you've probably noticed, this year's resolution has been to start up this blog again --i took a look at last year's appalling entries (a whole THREE entries- im ashamed!). So yeah, this year is the return of the blog! Also, this year, I am determined to start my very own vlog- that's video-blog for all you technophobes. I'm not really sure why i'm so determined about this idea, but i'm very excited to begin this! I set up a new Youtube account today -OrdinaryStarbuck- where i intend on putting these vlogs, but i now find myself stuck for an imaginative way to produce an introductory piece, i mean it has to be interesting or i'll end up with no subscribers! so yeah, any ideas would be appreciated- as would any tips on vlogging and editing the actual footage, thanks. 

anywho- i'll tell you a little about my christmas, shall i?
well it was definitely a christmas to remember, that's for sure! The build-up to christmas was, as always, a lot more prolonged and too 'hyped up' for my liking, but seeing as it's my favourite holiday, you are all forgiven! But yeah, i just get annoyed when i see Christmas decorations being put up at like the end of October, i mean really is there any need? -anyway, we had my boyfriend over for christmas so that he was here for me to receive my presents with me -(yes, he was totally in on the surprise!) so when i woke up, very excitedly may i add, at 5.30, it was my top priority that he was up with all the family to celebrate this day with us! i won't bore you with every single detail of the morning, or of the list of gifts that i received, so i'll just mention a few of my favourites-- i got a lovely Pauls Boutique bag, a bag full of Benefit makeup, some mac makeup, lipsy goods, an ipod dock and quite a few perfumes. oh, and a car. yes, a CAR. A beeeeautiful little Citroen C3 with a huge pink bow on the bonnet. oh, words can't even describe how excited, happy and totally surprised i was! i completely love her-- her name being Bubble. She's all kitted out with Hello Kitty accessories, and a little 'Powered by fairy dust' sticker on the back! aw, such a cutie. hope you all got what you wanted too!
aw, isn't he gorgeous!

right, i'm gonna dash.. I can smell food cooking and i'm gonna have to go and grab myself some of it! 

much love.