Happy New Years everybody!
We're a week in to 2013, my resolution of losing weight went out the window (sort of) yesterday, and I'm sick of this year already! haha. It's been very unexciting.. I went out to celebrate new years eve at a club in Nottingham, where I paid £15 for a ticket (and I paid for Luke's), so that's £30. Before I went out, I needed new jewellery, tights and shoes, alcohol and lipstick. An extra £50. In town, I think I bought 3 drinks so let's say £15. Then the taxi home was £17 which I paid £5 towards.. Okay, so that's £100. For one night out. One night out that has cost me another £500 because some thieving scum-bag stole my fucking phone. GAH! So I paid all that money, to A. not even be drunk and B. get my phone stolen, be in a shit mood, and be home by 1:30am. Tragic. I must say that I didn't realise my phone had gone until after midnight, so I did have an amazing time for the new year, but it's definitely not worth the £100! 
Anyway, I do always say that everything happens for a reason, so I now have a lovely white 4s with bigger memory, so there we go.. ha ha.  Let's just say that next year, I'm going away somewhere a hell of a lot better than Nottingham. 

I went out for my work's Christmas do part 2 on Saturday night. We went for a meal at a local pub, which was actually really lovely. It was so nice to see everyone all together and looking different to how we all look at work. A few left early- some because they had work the next morning, and others because maybe they were bored of my company :( ha- but the rest of us went on to have a LOT of wine, and ended up going into town for a drink. By this point, the wine had made me completely and utterly wasted and I pretty much blanked out getting home. Apparently I was sick all over the bathroom (nice one Jess), and was being sick all of yesterday. Let's just say I'm staying away from wine for a very long while now, thanks!  
Here's the dress that I wore to the meal-- It was from a small shop called Magenta, where everything is £5 or £10. Bargain! 
(close up of the top half of my dress!)

I also nipped into Primark to get some leggings, and picked up these two gems:
Okay, this jacket looks like a bag of shit here, but I      This bag was £3 in the sale, and I just loved the
promise it is way nicer in person and looks lovely         colour and style of it! Also from Primark.
I thought it looked very chic and could dress up 
and it's very light which is nice for cloudy
days. It's more 
of a purple-grey than it looks here!
  £19, Primark.

So there you have it, my new clothes for the week. I'll do a wish list later on cos there are a few bits that I'm dying to have! And I'm gonna do a January OOD where any outfits I pop on, I will take a picture and then show at the end of the month! 
Toodaloo xxx