Saturday, January 2, 2010

Me + sambuca = a very messy bathroom & a 2 day recovery plan. End of.

Oh MY GOD! Happy new year guys! 2 days into the year & most of my resolutions have gone outa the window..
1) To eat healthily & become more active:
Failed miserably.. Woken up this morning to 4 chocolate biscuits & a hot chocolate -- came home to a Mcdonalds. epic fail.
Stop being such a bitch:
Cue Darren Marshall to piss me off & make me break that one by my use of legwork to injure him. Oh. and my verbal abuse towards him would count too. another epic fail.
To work hard & behave at work & college:
Half failed. (i havent had the chance to not behave at college yet..) Spent most of today stood about talking. And throwing keys through the sellotape hoop. Oops.
4) Keep my private life actually private:
Telling half've the people what actually happened -- i call that another fail.
5) The only one i've kept to -
Stay off the Sambuca!

Newyear's resolutions are a complete waste of time in my opinion. At least 50% of people give up or fail within the first 3 months. Next year, i promise that my targets will be reachable & reasonable. Maybe.

Christmas this year was pretty much just like every other day of the year. I was so unexcited, and spent most of the day stuffing my face and watching tele -- No change there then, right? Honestly, i remember every single year since i was about 4, waking up at a ridiculous time, as i was far too excited to get back to sleep. It was only three years ago that i was getting up at 3am to open my presents. Lastyear, i thought that we was mad not getting up til 5.30, but this year, thissss year -- EIGHT THIRTY! 8:30! How shocking!? I seriously considered the fact that my family had gone downstairs without me & opened the presents and come back to bed -- where was my sister!? In the end,after laying there, updating my facebook status (!!), i finally decided to get my sister up :') I was happy with everythingg that i'd recieved for Christmas tbh. Kinda shows that i was far too spoilt when i was younger.
Oooh, as well as Christmas, i went to Darren's 20th party. It was pretty good, but i was well tired. I ended up going back to Jenna's with her and laying in bed, having a good 'ode chin wag ;] it was really sweet & i learnt alot about her that i never would've thought.
Then - there was New Year's Eve. Possible the besssttttt party ever. i have never been so drunk in my life.
5 sambuca shots in a row, then a tequilla slammer, on top of about 9 apple sours shots, 2 beers and a bit of wine -- Yes, i was HAMMERED. :| eeeveryone was out of it - it was amazing. Being able to end & begin a year with my bestfriends was amazing.. i really do lovelovelove those guys more than anything.
Chelsea Walker, Grace Brown & Caroline Lewis <3

So yeah- this post was mainly to allow me to say Happy New Year, & thankyou for reading this.

Urgh -- back to college in 2days. I'm really not fancying it tbh. Roll on Feb 16th!